Certification of disability

The certification of a disability requires either a medical opinion from a health committee of the Disability Certification Center (KE.P.A.) of the National Social Security Institution (EFKA), or a medical opinion from the Supreme Health Committees of the Army (A.S.Y.E.), of the Navy (A.N.Y.E.), of the Air Force (A.A.Y.E.), the Hellenic Police and the Fire Brigade.

Applications for disability certification from the KE.P.A. are submitted electronically through www.gov.gr and the “National Disability Portal” at https://ekepa.epan.gov.gr/kepa/web/.

If for any reason it is not possible to submit an application digitally, then it is submitted: (a) either by authorizing another person to make the application on behalf of the person with a disability, (b) or by going to a physical service point, i.e., at a Community Center (CC), a Citizens’ Service Center (KEP) or a KE.P.A. Secretariat, so that an employee submits the application on behalf of the person with a disability and based on the information provided.

Citizens submit to KE.P.A. a single application for disability certification, regardless of the benefit that they subsequently wish to apply for. The certification they receive is uniform and certifies them in terms of the medical criteria for any possible insurance, welfare, social or other type of benefit.

Digital Register of Persons with Disabilities

The Digital Register of Persons with Disabilities is a subsystem of the National Disability Portal. It lists all persons who have a disability certification issued by the Disability Certification Center (KE.P.A.), the Supreme Health Committee of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Hellenic Police and Fire Brigade. Registration in the Digital Register of Persons with Disabilities does not affect the validity of disability certifications that have already been granted.

•The primary health committee issues the Medical Opinion (GA), in which the applicant’s disability rate is certified, according to the Unified Disability Rate Determination Table issued in accordance with article 7 of Law 3863/2010 (A’ 115) that determines the disability rates entailed by any disease or lesion or physical or mental impairment or the combined occurrence of such diseases or lesions or impairments, and recurrences thereof..
•Based on the Medical Opinion (GA), the KE.P.A. issues the Disability Certification Result Notification (G.A.P.A.), which is legally binding for e-E.F.K.A. and public services. The G.A.P.A. defines the duration of validity of the disability certification and records the assessed maladies of the person concerned, according to the ICD-10 disease classification coding and the percentage of his medical disability, as well as the pensionary, allowance, social and economic benefits or social services provided by the legislation for persons with disabilities and for which the person concerned meets the required medical conditions.
•The medical opinion that contains a definitive judgment as to the degree of disability or is valid for life, maintains its validity and is accepted regardless of the time of its issuance or the abolition of the health committee that issued it, i.e., even when it is the opinion of a health committee before KE.P.A.


  1. If you have more than one medical opinion from the same or different health committees valid within the tax year, which certify different disability rates, then the opinion with the most favorable disability rate for you is taken into account.
  2. Even if you have a medical opinion with a duration of disability that does not cover all the months of the tax year, it is accepted and you will have the corresponding tax exemption or tax relief for the entire tax year.
  3. In the case of a tax liability that does not concern a tax year but a specific date (e.g., ENFIA, inheritance tax, donation tax, etc.), the medical opinion of disability valid on that date is taken into account.