Terms of use of IAPR’s website

(Beta version)

The present website of the Independent Authority of Public Revenue is provided under the following terms of use, which the visitor/user of the web portal must read carefully and visit/use the websites/electronic services of IAPR, only if he/she fully and unreservedly accepts them.

  1. IAPR makes every possible effort to ensure the appropriate operation of its electronic services and the completeness, accuracy, clarity of information of a tax, customs or other nature (legislative provisions, frequently asked questions and answers, useful information) that is found on its website. IAPR is not liable for any damage (direct or indirect, positive or consequential) that may be suffered by the website’s user as a result of the use or inability to use it, from delays arising during its use, from errors or omissions, from interruptions of the telephone line, power network failures or for other reasons.
  2. The user who is going to use the services of the Independent Authority of Public Revenue is liable for every submission of a statement or information made using the personal codes (username and password) that have been granted to this user. This liability exists even if the user decides, at his/her discretion, to disclose their personal codes to a third party (Accountant etc.) who uses an electronic service on their behalf.
  3. The user who is going to use IAPR’s electronic services must provide true, accurate, valid and complete information about the data submitted both during the user’s registration and during the use of IAPR’s electronic services. Any damage (direct or indirect, positive or consequential) resulting from the submission of false information shall be borne by the user and in no case by IAPR.
  4. You can find more information about personal data processing carried out by IAPR here
  5. IAPR may collect identification information of visitors/users of the website, using corresponding technologies, such as Cookies and/or tracking of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Learn more about cookies here
  6. The user of IAPR’s website is allowed to use the published information posted therein, on condition that such information is accurately produced and the IAPR is always cited as its source. In addition, any modification or sale of the published information on the IAPR’s website shall be prohibited.
  7. IAPR is not responsible for the content, availability or privacy policy of external links, i.e. links to third-party websites, the email addresses of which are listed on its websites, as well as for the privacy protection policies and practices that may apply.