Inheritance / Parental Provision / Gifts Tax

What generally applies

Inheritance, parental provision, gifts tax is imposed on the properties acquired due to death, donation, parental provision.


Inheritance tax is imposed on any property acquired as a result of death located in Greece and owned by citizens or foreigners, as well as on movable property located abroad and owned by a Greek or a foreign national who had his residence in Greece.

Gifts or parental provision tax is imposed when an asset is donated or transferred by parental provision to a natural or legal person. It is imposed on assets of any kind (movable and immovable), located in Greece, on immovables located abroad and belonging to a Greek as well as on movables located abroad of a foreign national that are donated to a Greek or to a foreigner who has his residence in Greece.

Taxpayers, depending on their kinship with the legatee or the donor, are classified into three (3) categories, for each of which different tax scales apply with different tax-free amounts and rates.

Tax Returns for Inheritance/Parental Provision /Gifts are submitted via the myPROPERTY application of IAPR. Find out about this possibility through the digital portal myAADE, in the FAQs section about the Tax return for Gifts/Parental Provision and about the Tax Return for Inheritance.

Under certain conditions, the first residence is exempt from inheritance tax or parental provision tax.
More information on the conditions of exemption and the limits of its granting can be found in the “Q&A MANUAL ON IAPR’s TAX MATTERS”, “CAPITAL TAXATION MATTERS” (ATHENS, MAY 2023)

The case of PWDs

People with a disability rate of 67% or more are entitled to a 10% discount on inheritance, parental provision or gifts tax on all scales.
In other words, this reduction does not apply to parental benefits and donations that are taxed at an independent rate according to article 44 par. 2 of the Code of Provisions on the Taxation of Inheritances, Donations, Parental Benefits and Winnings from Games of Chance, ratified by the first article of Law 2961/2001 (Government Gazette 266 A’).
It is pointed out that the 10% tax reduction due to disability, in accordance with the provisions of article 29 par. 3 of the Code, is applied to parental benefits and donations to the persons of the A’ category, which fall under the provisions of the fifty-sixth article of Law 4839/2021.

Especially for inheritance tax or parental provision cases

If, at the same time as the tax reduction due to disability, the exemption conditions due to the acquisition of a first residence are also met, then the due tax is the lower one resulting from the application of the tax scale and the tax exemption due to the acquisition of a first residence.