Procurement of Customs Equipment for the Directorate General of Customs & Excise of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) for combating smuggling and illegal trade (IIS code 5010482)

(Beta version)


Operational program: Competitiveness  Entrepreneurship  Innovation

Budget:  48.019.646€

Description: TThe object of the Act is the procurement and installment of customs equipment for the Directorate General of Customs & Excise in order to combat smuggling and illegal trade:

  1. Forty-two (42) stationary X-ray devices for  parcels/luggage inspection and software  for automated detection of suspicious objects
  2. Twenty (20) flexible endoscopes with optical fibres
  3. Five (5) systems for truck weighing (weighbridges)
  4. Sixteen (16) mobile chemical analysis organs
  5. Two (2) gantry-type systems for checking loaded trucks and containers with X rays
  6. Two (2) stationary X ray systems for inspecting freight wagons 
  7. One thousand (1000) laptops and five hundred two (502) tablets for supporting anti-smuggling enforcement

Objectives: The facilitation of legal trade and the promotion of entrepreneurship, as well as  performing suitably advanced checks required for public safety and public health, the protection of the environment and most of all the protection of  financial interests of both the country and the European Union, constitute a basic aim of the Greek Customs Authority.

Technology and equipment are cornerstones that enable customs administrations to deal with the rapidly changing challenges of the business environment. The use of modern customs detection technology is a powerful tool for the effective protection of the financial interests of the country and the protection from illegal commerce, while supporting the legal business activity, the protection of public health and safety.

Expected benefits: the minimum expected measurable results of the act are the following:

  • The effective response to and elimination of smuggling,
  • The effective protection of legal commerce and competitiveness and the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation,
  • Shielding the country from terrorist threats
  • The protection of public health and safety as well as the protection of environment
  • The increase of Public Revenue
  • The protection of the fiscal interests of the country and the EU

Direct beneficiaries:

  • Taxpayers (natural, legal persons and other entities): protection of public health and safety, protection of the fiscal interests of the country that may have direct consequences to taxpayers and increase of public revenue,
  • Businesses: protection of legal commerce, facilitation of the supply chain, protection of competitiveness, promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Personnel of Customs Authority: faster and more effective checks and improvement of their effectiveness
  • EU: increase of own resources

Indirect beneficiaries:

  • Ministries and Bodies of the wider Public Sector and other third parties