Implementation of a system of utilization of data received from inflow / outflow systems (IIS code 5043178)

(Beta version)


Operational Program: Competitiveness Entrepreneurship Innovation

Budget: 1.545.052€

Description: The object of the Act is to provide a data analysis computing environment and adapt and customize it for the implementation of an information system for the utilization of the data received by the inflow/outflow and position detection systems (GPS) for the more effective supervision of the storage and transport of fuels and targeted controls both in real time and retroactively.

Purposes: The act will lead to the modernization of the operation of AADE significantly improving its productive function. The existing process for presenting transactions is carried out through tax warehouses and Customs warehouses, approved and supervised by Customs authorities, by electronic submission of the required Customs documents in the Customs information system ICISnet.

As the existing processes are considered inadequate for the effective response to smuggling in all stages of fuel transport, a number of measures are established by which the implementation of a system for utilizing data received by the inflow/outflow systems is considered necessary so that, through the substantial and systematic utilization of the data collected, the operational capability of the auditing mechanism is increased regarding the preventive and repressive response to the phenomenon.

Expected benefits: the minimum expected measurable results of the act are the following:

  • Effective protection of legal trade and competitiveness
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Saving human and financial resources
  • Targeted and more effective checks against fuel smuggling
  • Better coordination and cooperation of the jointly responsible departments for the check
  • More effective collection of public revenue
  • Effective processing and dissemination of information submitted by the businesses
  • Improvement of statistics
  • Transparency in transactions with the organizations involved

Beneficiaries:  the users and beneficiaries of the system will be the following: 

  • Customs employees and employees of cooperating bodies (approximately 2.500 persons) of whom 500 will be immediate users of the system
  • Persons obliged to send inflow/outflow data and GPS data 20.000 natural/legal persons