myAADEapp Terms of Use

Through the “myAADEapp” application, IAPR provides its services to citizens, according to the following Terms of Use, which each user is asked to read carefully. A condition for the use of the application’s offered services is the acceptance of its terms of use. IAPR declares that it has taken the necessary measures to properly operate the application.

Intellectual Property Rights

The “myAADEapp” application is the intellectual property of IAPR and is protected by the relevant legislation. Actions such as: copying, recording, distributing, transferring, downloading, reselling, republishing or any other use of the application’s content for any purpose, are allowed, as long as written permission has been obtained from IAPR.

Limitation of Liability

IAPR, without guaranteeing and therefore being responsible, makes the maximum effort so that the application’s content is provided with accuracy, reliability, completeness and timeliness. In no case is it responsible for any errors and/or delay in the transfer of data or information. Furthermore, it does not guarantee the absence of “viruses” or any other form of unwanted and harmful code in content received from another website, platform or server.

IAPR is not responsible for the content and services of other websites, to which the application refers, through hyperlinks or informative banners, nor does it guarantee their availability, their content and the Personal Data Protection Terms, which they follow.

Suspension of Operation

IAPR reserves the right to suspend the application’s operation, in whole or in part, in order to deal with technical issues or for security reasons.

Applicable Law and Other Terms

The application’s terms of use and conditions are subject to change. Any change, modification and addition to the application’s terms of use and conditions is based on Greek law. Amendments are taken into account if they are made in writing. The terms of use constitute a contract between the user and IAPR. For disputes that may arise regarding the operation and use of the application, if it is not possible to settle it by consensus, the Courts of Athens are competent.

Personal Data Protection

The processing of the user’s personal data is a necessary condition for accessing and receiving the application’s services. In particular, the personal data processed by the application are: Full name, TIN, Father’s name, Email, Telephone number, IBAN. You can learn more here.

The application’s operation and the management of personal data are governed by the relevant provisions on the protection of privacy and personal data, both of the General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and of the currently applicable Greek legislation, to the extent that it does not conflict with other applicable Union provisions of supra-legislative force.


For more information, questions & technical support, regarding the “myAADEapp” application, you can contact the Taxpayer Service Center (KEF) on the phone: +30 213 162 1000.