Purpose and mission

(Beta version)

Main objective of The Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) is the continuous development of its human resources in order to continuously improve its effectiveness, achieve its strategic and operational goals and thus serve the community as a whole.

In this context, a Directorate was established and operates in IAPR, from 15/05/2017, entitled Tax & Customs Academy (Government Gazette 3411, B', / 24-10-2016), which directly reports to the governor of IAPR.


On tha basis of Decision No Δ. ΟΡΓ. Α 1036960 (Government Gazette 968, B / 22-3-2017), concerning the ORGANIZATION of IAPR, the Tax & Customs Academy is structured in 3 departments:

(a) Department A' : Planning, Development and Evaluation Of Educational Work      

(b) Department B' :  Implementation Of Training Programs

(c) Department C' :  Administrative and technical support of educational work.

The mission of the Directorate of Tax and Customs Academy is the education and professional training of the human resources of IAPR, thus ensuring the more efficient operation of its Services.

Taking into account the rapidly changing economic landscape both at national, European and global level, the importance of adapting our country to best education practices is realized. In this direction, the Directorate of Tax and Customs Academy implements the work assigned to it, pursuing the educational approach in the most scientifically sound way. 

In this context, the Academy develops and implements a methodology for detecting educational needs, prepares plans for the development and training of human resources and designs, programs, organizes and implements dual-format training programs: on the one hand, basic education-attendance programs and on the other, information and continuing training programs.

The basic education-attendance programs constitute the main part of the work of the Academy and aim to provide the new entrants with the basic knowledge-skills, their professional training and specialization per critical operating field, subject and technical role. This approach, based on both qualitative academic and professional indicators, has led to the design of a common core with elements of basic knowledge, theoretical and practical training for all IAPR employees, in the form of apprenticeships, by sector of activity of IAPR. At the final stage of the program, specialization per operating sector will be provided with an emphasis on practical training.

The Academy also based its " Strategic IAPR Plan 2017-2020 " and the Strategic Objective 4, has as its priority the increase of the efficiency of its staff through continuous education (Axis 2) and its goal is, the percentage of its staff IAPR which will attend at least one educational program per year, to rise to 70% by the end of the year 2020.