Mission of the General Chemical State Laboratory

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The General Chemical State Laboratory (G.C.S.L.) is a service within the Independent Authority of Public Revenue (IAPR) which operates at General Directorate level.

The mission of the General Chemical State Laboratory (G.C.S.L.) is to provide public authorities and citizens with high quality technical services, with the ultimate purpose of:

  • Safeguarding public revenue, through the scientific assistance and technical support of the IAPR authorities and the Ministry of Finance or on its own
  • Protecting public health, the environment and consumer interests
  • Providing scientific support to judicial, police as well as other state authorities and Services

  • Supporting the proper function of the market and strengthening competitiveness and innovation of the chemical industry in collaboration with other competent authorities. 
  • Development  and worldwide promoting of national  products for the benefit of the national economy. 
  • Providing the national infrastructure for chemical metrology

The General Chemical State Laboratory was established in 1929 by Law 4328, by virtue of which all the laboratories operating in the public sector at the time were united. This movement led to the creation of a powerful scientific-laboratory unit, which soon managed to evolve and become the most important product quality-control system in our country. 

During its 92 years of operation, GCSL developed and expanded almost all over Greece. Decision nr ORG.A 1125859/23-10-2020 (B’ 4738) of the Governor of the IARP states all the responsibilities of the General Chemical State Laboratory as currently established.



In order to fulfil its mission, the General Chemical State Laboratory acts at many levels:

  • Proposes legislative and administrative provisions
  • Participates in European Union institutions and other international organizations, supporting the national positions
  • Carries out chemical, physical, microbiological, organoleptic and other laboratory tests
  • Exercises control and inspections in products’ production and processing units
  • Inspects production plants as well as sites where products are stored, packaged or distributed 
  • Carries out sampling, on its own or in cooperation with other authorities
  • Grands approval for the operation of certain production units and laboratories, as defined by the relevant legislation
  • Issues certificates, statements of conformity etc. 
  • Conducts studies and research papers 
  • Plans and implements programs and projects 
  • Provides professional judgments  and opinions 
  • Acts as a technical consultant to government authorities or as a third party
  • Cooperates with domestic or foreign public or private scientific bodies 
  • Gathers information and data in the fields of its activities and maintains registers
  • Organizes and participates in the organization of conferences, workshops, as well as educational or informational programs
  • Provides knowledge and information through printed or electronic publications, as well as by any other appropriate means 
  • Participates, via representatives, in collective bodies of other organizations
  • Carries out work, in general, that utilize scientific knowledge so as to support the enforcement of the legislation in force, as well as verifying compliance with the requirements of bilateral or international agreements.

The laboratory tests carried out at the General Chemical State Laboratory cover the following fields:

Plastics- Polymers Fuels
Materials in contact with food Detergents Lubricants
Paper products Pigments
Beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
Leather products Soil
Potable water
Metal and alloys Drugs
Surface water  

Inorganic raw materials and industrial products

Waste Fertilizers

Environmental pollution

Chemical substances and preparations Textile products Tobacco products 

The laboratories of the General Chemical State Laboratory are equipped with analytical instrument of the latest technology , which in combination with the scientific knowledge and expertise of the staff  facilitates the performance of laboratory tests of greater scope while at the same time contributes to the resolution of complicated  scientific and technical issues arising  on an emergency basis. 


The action of the General Chemical State Laboratory is governed by operating principles that ensure the fulfilment of the constitutional requirements set for Public Services, as well as the fulfilment of citizens’ expectations.  Within this frame, the General Chemical State Laboratory complies with the principles of legality, public interest,  citizen protection, confidentiality and excellence. 

While performing its work, the General Chemical State Laboratory cooperates with:

  • Other Services of IAPR and the Ministry of Finance
  • Services of other Ministries
  • EU and international organizations’ bodies
  • Other countries’ laboratory testing bodies
  • Domestic and foreign educational and research institutions
  • Scientific Associations