Issuance of Chemical Analysis Reports

(Beta version)

The Chemical Analysis Report is a document issued by the competent Chemical Service of the General Chemical State Laboratory, addressed to the Customs Authority that sent the sample and includes the results of the examination of the sample submitted to the GCSL for the main purpose of the tariff description of the goods.

It may, where appropriate, include results of laboratory examinations and/or other observations and/or opinions relating to the compliance of the product with the legislation, as well as any element necessary for the proper enforcement of the duties.


The procedures for issuing the Chemical Analysis Bulletins (IFRS), the time limits for the storage of customs samples by the Services of the General Chemical State Laboratory and the procedures for contesting the results of a laboratory examination are set out in the Ministerial Decision  30/009/517/2012, ΦΕΚ 3256 Β΄ της 6/12/2012.