Brief Resume


Eleftherios Kritikos is the President of EDEKT Asset Management S.A. and Vice President of AEDAK for Social Security Funds (Hellenic Pension Mutual Fund Management Company).

He has served in various upper level managerial and executive positions for Greek industries, real estate companies and recovery funds.

In the past, he also served as Consultant/Member of Cabinet to the Deputy Minister of the General Accounting Office (Ministry of Finance), Consultant/Member of Cabinet to the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Senior Consultant/Member of Cabinet to the Governor of OAED (Hellenic Manpower Organization), and Deputy Governor of Economics, Revenues, KEAO and Strategic Planning at e-EFKA (Electronic National Social Security Fund of Greece).

He holds a degree in Economics and Business Finance from Athens University of Business and Economics (AUEB), a cross-sectional MBA from Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) and he has post-graduate degrees in Sustainability Leadership and Data Analysis from University of Cambridge and Managerial Finance from London School of Economics.

He is also Certified Analyst (“D” class Certification) from the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC), certified Accountant/Tax Consultant (“A” class Certification) from the Economic Chamber of Greece and is a PhD Candidate in University of Piraeus.