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E-learning was introduced as part of the provision of integrated training and development services to IAPR's human resources, thus aiming at the more efficient operation of its Services, through increasing the efficiency of the staff.

All training programs are designed based on the educational needs, knowledge and skills that IAPR’s employees seek to possess and contribute to the creation of a well-trained human resource.

E-learning programs are aimed, among others, at offsetting the difficulty of access of IAPR’s employees all over Greece to the life programs implemented by the Tax and Customs Academy and are an important educational tool especially in times of health crisis, in which the training is carried out exclusively remotely.


To date, the following full asynchronous training programs have been implemented by ΦΟ.Τ.Α.:

  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Garnishee order
  • Control of containers
  • E-Register of Ships
  • New Economic Classification of the State Budget
  • Mortgage Registration
  • LOTify
  • Income Tax: E1 & E3 forms
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Submission of Personal and Legal Income Tax Returns for Fiscal Year 2020 – Changes to the Forms
  • Offsetting debts to the State
  • Basic Issues of Commercial Companies
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Advanced Spreadsheet Topics – Part 1
  • Submission of Natural and Legal Persons’ Income Tax Returns for Fiscal Year 2021 – Changes to the Forms
  • “ENTAXI” – Tax mechanism file processing application
  • Secure copy of digital data (FTK Imager) – Advanced Secure Digital Summary control application


and the following programs conducted by the European Union have been uploaded:


  • VAT in the EU
  • Authorised Economic Operator - AEO
  • Union Customs Code - UCC
  • Excise Movement Control System (EMCS)

The asyncrhonous e-learning programs, as well as the supporting educational material of the in-person and synchronous e-learning programs are posted on the e-learning platform of the Academy, which can be accessed via the website (https://elearning.aade.gr), in order for learners to successfully complete their training. The platform provides both asynchronous training (via Moodle asynchronous training software) and synchronous training (via BigBlueButton synchronous training software).

IAPR’s employees may connect to the Academy's e-learning platform according to the following instructions: