Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) – Customs Enforcement

Trade of commodities that infringe intellectual property rights (IPRs) is of great concern and the European Union is fully committed to the effective enforcement of these rights and the promotion of higher protection standards globally. The majority of counterfeit and other IPR-infringing products available in the EU have been manufactured in a third country. To prevent the import of these commodities, customs play a key role.

It is pointed out that when someone buys counterfeit products he is jointly culpable for:

• Reinforcement of illegal production in suspicious conditions.

• Payment of additional taxes

• Financial assistance to tax evaders

• Reduction of jobs

• Destruction of the environment (non-compliance with the EU environmental provisions in the production of products that violate intellectual property rights)

Frequently asked questions and answers
Legislation on IPR customs enforcement in commodities subject to Customs Surveillance
Legislation on customs enforcement of IPRs OUTSIDE customs surveillance.